Billing Visits to Insurance

NEW PATIENTS: For participating insurance companies, you are required to provide your insurance identification card, including the billing address, phone number, group and identification numbers at the time of your visit.  If you have an HMO or PPO plan with co-payment requirements, you will need to make the co-payment at the time of service before you are seen by the doctor.  For other insurance�s, you will be required to make a $75.00 deposit to be applied to your first visit.  We will bill your insurance as well and refund any overpayments.

ESTABLISHED PATIENTS: We will bill your insurance for you with current insurance information.  You need to bring your current card to each visit.  Patients are required to complete updated registration and billing information on an annual basis, or at any time there is a change in the billing information.  Established patients are also required to make all co-payments at time of service.

Private Pay
If you have no insurance you will be required to pay for each visit in full at time of service.  We do offer discounts for patients with no insurance coverage.  If you are paying by cash or check the discount is 20%, and if by Visa or MasterCard a 15% discount would apply.  FMG requires a copy of Driver�s license or photo ID.

No Shows
It is the policy of Family Medical Group Northeast, P.C. that we require 24 hours notice for all cancellations.  In the event that you can not make an appointment please call 503-288-0083 to reschedule.  No show visits will be assessed a no-show fee and repeated no-shows could result in termination of care.

Late cancellations
Again, the policy of Family Medical Group Northeast, P.C. that we require 24 hours notice for all cancellations.  If you must cancel an appointment, within the 24 hour period there is a possibility that your account will be assessed a late cancellation charge.  We do realize that emergencies come up and in that event we will work with the patient on any fees assessed.

In the event that there is a requested or recommended procedure that is commonly a non covered service with insurance companies (including Medicare) we will ask you to sign a waiver prior to the procedure.  This waiver will explain which insurance is being billed, what is being done (Procedure name) and the approximate cost of the procedure (in case your insurance does not cover it.)  The waiver also states that you as the patient have been made aware that there is a possibility that your insurance will not cover the procedure, and that by signing you agree that if your insurance company denies the charges you agree to be financially responsible for the charges.