News and Events

  • Family and Friends Event Family Medical Group NE is offering flu shot clinic and training on taking your blood pressures at home.  
    (posted: 10/05/2016)
  • Patient Service Training
    In response to our last patient satisfaction survey that indicated FMG could do a better job in communicating with our patients,  we chose to do some additional patient service training that involved our Patient-Family Advisory Council (PFAC) group. 

    (posted: 09/27/2016)
  • Community Health Concern Recent concerns of exposure to heavy metal emissions in Southeast Portland
    (posted: 02/05/2016)
  • What's with All the Surveys?

    (posted: 11/11/2014)
  • Portland Metal Exposures: Interim Clinical Updates

    Interim report from Multnomah County and the Oregon Health Authority on airborne metals in Portland.

    (posted: 02/16/2016)