What can you expect from your Patient-Centered Primary Care Home?

We are here to support you and help coordinate all of your health care needs. To do this, you can expect your care team to be:

  •  Accessible: Care is available when you need it, including someone you can talk to after hours if you have health concerns.
  •  Accountable: We are responsible for providing you, your family, and your community with high quality care.
  • Comprehensive: We will get you all the care, information, and services you need to stay healthy.
  • Continuous: We will get to know you and will work with you over time to help you reach your health care goals.
  • Coordinated: We will help connect you with the care you need in a safe and timely way.
  • Patient and Family Centered: You and your family are the most important part of your health. We will deliver your care with respect to your cultural background, and in your preferred language.